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News Media Inside and Outside the State
What is an example of news?
On August 9, 2017, Doctor Asif Qureshi declared from Chicago, Illinois, North America, that Kashmir University should count on me as the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Kashmir University.

I will guide the university from Chicago, Illinois, North America.
All guidelines are available at www.qureshiuniversity.org resources.
Subordinates at Kashmir University must record and preserve guidelines from www.qureshiuniversity.org every 24 hours.

Other public universities should count on my guidelines, declares Doctor Asif Qureshi.

What types of guidelines has Dr. Asif Qureshi established for residents and professionals inside and outside the state?
  1. Abilities/Skills: Guidelines for 650 human abilities.

  2. Departments: Guidelines for 79 essential departments inside and outside the state.

  3. Occupations: Guidelines for 1000 occupations, including teachers, lawyers, engineers, and physicians.

  4. Products: Guidelines for 130 products, including computers, road vehicles, and aircraft.

  5. States: Guidelines for 330 states in the world.

  6. Subjects: Guidelines for 150 subjects, including English, math, science, social studies, and forensic medicine.

How should news media be organized worldwide?
Take a look at this.
Various state government news media must circulate truthful, public service-oriented essential government departmentsí news.
English language news should be a priority.
Every state news media outlet must network with each other.
Here are further guidelines.

News media from every state must display their email through the Internet so that they get updated regularly.

What does news media include?
Internet (online newspapers)
Print media (newspapers, newsmagazines)
Broadcast news (radio and television)
Print and broadcast news media can be circulated through the Internet news media.

Is there a difference between media and news media?

What is the difference between media and news media?
Media is a big entity.
Within media are news media entities.
News media can be digital news media, electronic news media, print news media, radio news media, etc.

Take a look at this.

News Media.

What should news media not circulate?
Do not circulate the video-recorded executive speech of a person that is not in English language.
This will have harmful effects on communications of youngsters.
If youngsters listen to truthful, public service-oriented English language speech, they will speak English language. They will speak truth with a public service orientation.
In the case of Arabic video speech, Arabic news outlets should get this translated into English language for display on the screen.

How should press releases and advertisements be circulated?
Do not circulate press releases or advertisements for any resource that has harmed in the past and/or that is harmful now.
Even if the harmful resource offers you payment, do not circulate the advertisement.
You will be charged with reinforcing criminals.
News directors, newspaper editors, and similar entities reinforcing criminals have to be replaced immediately with further punishments depending on the extent of the harms.

Local language news media like Kashmiri, Kannada, and similar languages should include English language displays on the screen.

Any recording of a victim of harms can be in non-English language with an English language translation video that is truthful without any malicious agenda.
Last Updated: August 12, 2017