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Job categories in every state.
What are the essential departments in every state?
  1. Aviation World.| World Aviation Administration.

  2. Agriculture and food sciences.| State department of agriculture and food sciences.

  3. Accountants and Auditors| State Inventory Accounting / World Inventory Accounting

  4. Complaint| State department of complaints

  5. Corrections| State Department of Correctional Services.

  6. Defense.| State department of defense

  7. Economy and budget.| State department of economy and budget.

  8. Electricity.| State department of electricity.

  9. Engineering.| State department of engineering

  10. English language.| State department of English language

  11. Estates Department.| State Department of Estates

  12. Executive Jobs| Executive positions in the state and outside the state.

  13. Fire.| State Fire Marshal's Office

  14. Fuel.| State Department of Fuel

  15. Food and supplies.| State department of food and supplies.

  16. Health.| State department of health.

  17. Higher education.| State department of higher education.

  18. Housing and development.| State department of housing and development.

  19. Hospitality and Protocol.| State Hospitality and Protocol

  20. Human services.| State department of human services

  21. Human Resources.| State department of Human Resources

  22. Information and broadcasting.| State department of information and broadcasting.

  23. Irrigation & Flood Control.| State Department of Irrigation & Flood Control

  24. Law/justice.| State department of law/justice.

  25. Mechanical engineering.| State department of mechanical engineering.

  26. Planning and development.| State department of planning and development.

  27. Police or defense.| State department of police or defense.

  28. Postal Service | State department of Postal Service

  29. Printing | State Printing and Mail Services

  30. Public health.| State department of public health.

  31. Public Libraries.| Public Libraries

  32. Roads & Buildings./Public Works Department/PWD| State department of Roads & Buildings

  33. Secretary of State.| State department of Secretary of State.

  34. School education.| State department of school education.

  35. State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management| State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management

  36. Textiles.| State department of textiles.

  37. Telecommunications.| State department of telecommunications.

  38. Transportation.| State department of transportation.

  39. Water.| State department of water.

  40. Weather and Climate.|Weather and Climate

  41. Other.| Other.

Occupational groups

Aviation World.
World Aviation Administration.
Job Title
Aviation manufacturing workers
Aviation maintenance workers
Aviation transportation workers
Aviation ground workers
Aviation military workers
Aviation transportation security administration workers
Aircraft composites workers
Aviation investigators
Aviation manufacturing workers
Aerospace Engineer
Aviation Incidents Investigator
Airframe Mechanic
Aircraft Sheetmetal Mechanic
Aviation / Aerospace Program Manager
Aircraft Engine Mechanic Supervisor
Aerospace Engineering and Operations Technician
Aircraft Electrician
Aircraft Structure, Surfaces, Rigging, and Systems Assembler
Avionics Technician
Avionics Installer
Avionics Lead
Avionics Bench Technician
Avionics Field Technician
Avionics Troubleshooter
Avionics Navy Technician
Avionics Lead Technician
Avionics with Airframe
Avionics Supervisor
Director of Aerospace Program Management
Aerospace Project Engineer
Aviation maintenance workers
Aircraft Maintenance Manager
Aircraft maintenance technician
Air Traffic Controller
Sky Marshal or Air Marshal
Aircraft Loadmaster
Air traffic controller(Terminal, enroute, sea, control towers)
Aviation medical examiner(aviation medicine)
Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft Painter
Aircraft Electrician
Interior Aircraft Mechanic
Airplane Inspector
Aircraft Inspectors
Aviation transportation workers.
Airline Pilot
Airline Pilot, Copilot or Flight Engineer
Flight Attendant
Flight Dispatcher
Air Export Agent
Air Freight Agent
Airline/Aviation Ground Attendant
Airline Security Screener
Airline/Aviation Baggage Handler
Airline Ticket Reservation Agent
Aircraft Fueler
Aircraft Dispatcher
Aviation military workers
Air Force Fighter Pilot
Helicopter Pilot
Sea Pilot
Aviation transportation security administration workers
Aviation Safety Inspectors
Electronics Technicians
Administrative occupations
Air Traffic Controllers
To coordinate domestic transportation, including aviation, rail, and other surface transportation, and maritime transportation (including port security).
Aviation ground workers
Airport Manager
Airport Operations Supervisor
Airport Operations Engineer
Airfield Maintenance Worker
Supervisor Ground Support Equipment
Aircraft Tow Tractors
Electric Lineman
Maintenance Worker

Agriculture and food sciences.
State department of agriculture and food sciences.
Soil and Plant Scientists
Food Scientists and Technologists
Animal Scientists
Rice Mill Operator
Flour Mill Operator
Farm Manager
Here are further guidelines.

Accountants and Auditors
State Inventory Accounting / World Inventory Accounting
Inventory Accountant in the state.
Accountant General Inventory
Associate Inventory Accountant
Inventory Accountant
Inventory Control Specialist
Junior Inventory Accountant
Senior Inventory Accountant

State department of complaints
Emergency Services Control Room Operator

Staff titles, State Department of Correctional Services.
Classification and Treatment Officer I
Classification and Treatment Officer II
Classification and Treatment Supervisor
Correctional Captain I
Correctional Captain II
Correctional Lieutenant
Correctional Officer
Correctional Officer Recruit
Correctional Sergeant
Corrections Classification Officer
Corrections Program Administrator
Corrections Recreation Leader
Corrections Recreation Program Supervisor
Corrections Unit Administrator I
Corrections Unit Administrator II
Deputy Warden II
Deputy Warden III
Director State Department of Correctional Services.
Jail Consultant
Jail medical staff in the state.
Jail Services Specialist
Offender Records Administrator
Offender Records Specialist
Offender Records Supervisor
Probation and Parole District Supervisor
Probation and Parole Officer I
Probation and Parole Officer II
Probation and Parole Officer III
Probation and Parole Officer IV
Here are further guidelines.

State department of defense
Air Force
State adjutant general
Lieutenant Colonel
Major (Co-pilot)
Lieutenant Colonel (Pilot)
Airport Director
Army colonel
Army Soldier
Admiral of the Navy
Chief of Naval Operations
Fleet Admiral
Joint Chiefs of Staff
Naval Reactors Engineer
Six-star admiral
Submarine Officer (Nuclear Submarines)
Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear Aircraft Carriers)
Sea captains

Economy and budget.
State department of economy and budget.
State Chief Economist
State Profiler
State economy and budget analyst
State human resources analyst

State department of electricity.
Electrical and Electronics Engineer
Line Installers and Repairers
Power Plant Operators, Distributors, and Dispatcher
Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers Except Line Installers

State department of engineering
What are various types of engineers?
Aerospace engineer.
Agriculture engineer.
Biomedical engineer.
Computer Engineer
    Computer Hardware Engineer
    Computer Software Engineer
    Computer Network Engineer
    Computer support specialists
    Computer scientists
    Computer Systems Analysts
    Database administrators
Chemical engineer.
Civil engineer.
Electronics engineer.
Environmental engineers.
Electrical engineer.
Facilities Maintenance Engineer (Building Services Engineering)
Hydraulic Engineer
Health and safety engineer.
Industrial engineer.
Mechanical engineer.
Marine engineer.
Materials engineer.
Mining and geological engineer.
Network engineer.
Nuclear engineer.
Product Manufacturing Engineer
Petroleum engineer.
Railway engineer.
Ship engineer.
Telecommunications engineer.
Here are further guidelines. Here are further guidelines.

English language.
State department of English language
Author of book or books in the English language
English teacher
English language editor
English professor
English Lexicographer

Estates Department.
State Department of Estates
The Director of Estates is the head of the department.
Deputy Director of Estates.
Executive Engineer of Estates.

Executive positions in the state and outside the state.
What are examples of executive positions in the state and outside the state?
  1. State governor

  2. State attorney general

  3. Guide to various executives in the state and outside the state.

  4. Lt. Governor

  5. Secretary of State

  6. Secretary of Aging

  7. Secretary of Agriculture

  8. Secretary of Budget & Management

  9. Secretary of Business & Economic Development

  10. State Superintendent of Schools

  11. Secretary of the Environment

  12. Secretary of General Services

  13. Secretary of the Department of Human Services

  14. Secretary of Health & Mental Hygiene

  15. Secretary of Housing & Community Development

  16. Secretary of Human Resources

  17. Secretary (Department of Human Services)

  18. Secretary of Information Technology

  19. Secretary of Juvenile Services

  20. Division of Professional and Occupational Licensing (Director)

  21. Office of the Executive Secretary (Division of State Court Administration)

  22. Secretary of Natural Resources

  23. Secretary of Planning

  24. Secretary of Public Safety & Correctional Services

  25. Secretary of State Police

  26. Secretary of Transportation

  27. Secretary of Higher Education

  28. State adjutant general

  29. State Directors

  30. http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/executivepositions.html

State Fire Marshal's Office
Fire Chief
Deputy Fire Chief
Operation Battalion Chiefs
Administrative Battalion Chief
State Fire Marshal
Fire Battalion Chief
Fire Captains

State Department of Fuel
Aviation Fuel Jet Fuel Production
Petroleum engineer.
Senior Aviation Fuel Engineer
Fuel Aviation Engineer
Aircraft Fueler
Petroleum Pump System Operators, Refinery Operators, and Gaugers
Fuel Distribution
Fuel Storage Systems Operations Project Engineer
Fuel Inventory Auditor
Fuel Pump and Compliance Technician
Quality Control Manager - Fuel System Maintenance
Fuel Distribution System Worker (Motor Vehicle Operator)
Truck Driver - Fuel Transport - Class A CDL
Filling station attendant

Food and supplies.
State department of food and supplies.
Human resources relevant to state ration stores.
Assistant Controller Of Rationing
Controller of Rationing with State
Case Manager
Deputy Controller of Rationing
Economy and budget analyst
Human Resources Analyst
Human Services Case Manager
Manager Ration
Ration dispenser
Resident Services Case Manager
Here are further guidelines.

State department of health.
Medical doctors.
    What physician specialist gets guidelines through Internet human healthcare?
    Dental services
    Emergency medicine specialist
    Forensic pathologist
    Forensic psychiatrist
    Hospitalist in hospital ward
    Internet human healthcare specialist
    Medical superintendent in the state
    Obstetrics & gynecology specialist
    Pediatric hospitalist
    Physical medicine & rehabilitation specialist
    Primary care physician
    Public health specialist
    Radiologist and nuclear medicine specialist.
    Allied health workers.
    Occupational therapists
    Physical therapists
    Speech-language pathologists and audiologists
Health Care Administrator
State Department of Health
Additional Secretary to Government.
Chief Medical Officer.
Medical officer of health
Commissioner/Secretary to Government.
Controller, Drug & Food Organization.
Deputy/Secretary to Government.
Director Health.
Under/Secretary to Government.
Health Care Access Outreach Coordinator.
Medical students.
Allied health workers.

Higher education.
State department of higher education.
Department Assistant
Executive Assistant
Aeronautics Technical/Paraprof
Skilled Craft
Skilled Craft Worker
Food Service Foreman/Lead

Housing and development.
State department of housing and development.
What are various staff positions of state housing and development?
Director, state housing and development.
Deputy director, state housing and development.
Housing codes and standards officer in the state.
Housing occupational licensing officer in the state.
Chief legal counsel for housing in the state.
Housing resources inventory officer in the state.
Housing chief auditor in the state.
Resident Services Case Manager.
Refuse and Recyclable Material Collectors
Maintenance and repair workers.
Receptionist (Desk Clerk).
Care coordinator in the state.
Here are further guidelines.

Hospitality and Protocol.
State Hospitality and Protocol
Director of the State Department of Hospitality and Protocol.
Deputy Director of the State Department of Hospitality and Protocol.
Executive Engineer of the State Department of Hospitality and Protocol.
Hotel Manager(subject to transfer).

Human services.
State department of human services
Case managers
Computer and Internet programmers
Supervisors of these professions
Controller of Rationing with State
Rations Officer
Coordinators with other departments
Ration food and supplies store in the state
Coordination with other departments.

Human Resources.
State department of Human Resources
Administrative assistant in the state.
Assistant deputy director in the state.
Benefits manager in the state.
Data management supervisor in the state.
Director of human resources in the state
Executive recruiter in the state.
Governor of state is head of human resources in state.
Human resources benefits analyst in the state.
Human resources functional analyst in the state.
Human resources assistant in the state.
Human resources coordinator in the state.
Human resources generalist in the state.
Human resources manager in the state.
Human resources profiler in the state.
Human resources recruiter in the state.
Human resources specialist in the state.
Human resources technician in the state.
Human resources classification specialist in the state.
Manager, recruiting in the state.
Office associate in the state.
Retirement consultant in the state.
Secretary of human resources in the state.

Information and broadcasting.
State department of information and broadcasting.
Media Professionals.
Workers in Media.
Q: What work do people in media do at this point?
What are various Media Professionals?
Correspondent (Reporter, Journalist)
Cinematography specialist
Director News
Music director
Magazine Journalist
News Editor
News reader
Photo Journalist
Principal Correspondent
Public relations specialist
Printing machine operators
Video Journalist

Irrigation & Flood Control.
State Department of Irrigation & Flood Control
Chief Engineer
Global Guide Abroad
Gauge Reader
Emergency Team

State department of law/justice.
Staff Relevant to Courts in the State
What type of Staff/Job Titles are required in the court systems in every state around the world?
Assistant Clerk of Court
Attorney General in the state.
Chief Justice in the state.
Clerk of Court in the state.
Commissioner Secretary Law
Court Administrator in the state.
Court Investigator
Court Reporter in the state.
Court Security in the state.
Data Specialist
Foreign Language Court Interpreter
Forensic Psychiatrist in the state.
Internet Specialist on the planet.
Inventory Accountant in the state.
Judge in the state.
Judges' Support Staff in the state.
Judiciary Training Specialist in the state (Exempt)
Judicial Magistrate in the state.
Jury Supervisor in the state (note: not all states have juries)
Juvenile Officer in the state.
Law Students in the state.
Legal Staff
Military Police Officer in the state.
Police Staff in the state.
Public Defender in the state.
Public Guardian in the state.
Staff of Correctional Services in the state.
State's Attorney in the state.

Mechanical engineering.
State department of mechanical engineering.
Chief Engineer
Superintending Engineers
Executive Engineers
Assistant Executive Engineers
Assistant Engineers
Junior Engineers
Product Manufacturing Engineer

Planning and development.
State department of planning and development.
Executive Director

Police or defense.
State department of police or defense.
Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatcher
Police Patrol Officer
Police investigator
Police Sergeant
State Highway Patrol
Director general of police in the state.
Here are further guidelines.

Postal Service
State department of Postal Service
Postal Service Window Clerk
Postal Service Mail Carriers
Postal Inspectors
Postal Service Mail Sorter
Here are further guidelines.

State Printing and Mail Services
Account Coordinator
Assistant Plant Manager
Book Indexer
Binder Operator
Bindery Manager
Bindery Supervisor
Bindery Supervisor
Customer Service Manager
Data Processing Direct Mail Programmer
Database Programmer
Die Cutter Operator
Digital Press Operator
Electrician to install, maintain, service, troubleshoot and repair electrical & electronic circuitry for their production and plant equipment.
Electrician with Litho or Flexographic experience
Electronic Prepress Specialist
Electronic Technician
First Shift Supervisor
Flexographic Press Operator.
Foil Stamper Operator
Folder/Gluer Operator
Four color press operators
Glue Adjuster
Implementation Specialist
Ink Technicians
Inkjet imaging technician
IT Manager
Lead Pressman
Mailing Manager
Manufacturing Operations Director
Operations/General Manager
Parts Manager
Plant Manager
Prepress Coordinator
Press Mechanic/Machinist
Press Operator
Press Operators/Print Technicians
Pressroom Manager
Pressroom Supervisor
Production artist
Production Coordinator
Rewinder Operator
Second Press Operator
Sheetfed Press Operator.
Technical Coordinator
Traffic Manager (shipments)
Operations Manager

Public health.
State department of public health.
Chief of Staff
Assistant Director
Behavioral Health Program Coordinator
Community Health Worker
Consumer Safety Officer
Emergency Preparedness Specialist
Emergency Preparedness and Bioterrorism Coordinator
Engineering Technician
Engineers - Public Health, Sanitary and Environmental
Environmental Health Careers
Environmental Health Technician
Environmental Health Emergency Response Specialist
Health Center Administrator
Health Communications Specialist
Health Teacher
Health Promotion Program Coordinator
Hazardous Waste Inspector
Local Public Health Director/Commissioner
Local Public Health Educator
Medical Investigator
Mental Health Researcher
Outreach Worker
Professor of Public Health
Public Health Adviser
Public Health Consultant
Public Health Dental Hygienists
Public Health Dentist
Public Health Engineer
Public Health Information Officer
Public Health Inspector
Public Health Nurse
Public Health Nutritionist/Dietitian
Public Health Physician
Public Health Planner
Public/Environmental Health Technician
Public Health Sanitarian
Public Health Specialist
Public Health Support Staff
Public Health Attorney
Radiological Health Specialist
Research Scientist
State environmentalists
Vaccine Researcher
Water Resource Specialist

Public Libraries.
Public Libraries
State Library
Data Warehouse Analyst
Information Specialist/Library Administration
Information Technology Support Worker
Inventory Accountant in the state.
Law Librarian
Library Consultant
Library Resources Technician
Library Support Network
Program Director
Secretary/Library Administration
State Librarian
Systems Analyst

Roads & Buildings./Public Works Department/PWD
State department of Roads & Buildings
Highly Skilled
Guide to various executives in the state and outside the state.
Chief Engineer
Executive Engineer
Assistant Engineer
Junior Engineer
Construction Engineer
Administrative Staff
Skilled Work
Administrative Secretary
Under Secretary
Deputy Secretary
Additional Secretary
Director stores and procurement
Section Officer
Public Law Officer
Special Secretary
Planning Director
Statistical Officer's
Statistical Assistant
Inventory Accountant
Associate Inventory Accountant
Brickmasons, blockmasons, stonemasons, and tile and marble setters
Construction Laborers and Helpers
Construction Worker
Painters, paperhangers, plasterers, and stucco masons
Pipelayers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters
Unskilled Labor
Construction Laborers and Helpers Construction site workers
Construction Engineer
Construction Laborers and Helpers
Heavy Drivers / Operator - Bulldozer / Crane / Excavator / Grader
Materials Truck Driver/Dump Truck Driver

Secretary of State.
State department of Secretary of State.
Secretary of State
Chief Deputy
Data Systems Admin
Deputy Director
Executive Assistant III
Executive V
Information Systems Advisor
Information Systems Specialist
Legal Advisor II
Library Program Specialist
Managerial Assistant IV
Senior Legal Advisor
Stationary Eng - Asst Chief
Stationary Eng - Asst Chief
Stationary Engineer

School education.
State department of school education.
School Staff
Classification Group Position Codes in Classification Group
Administrators 05, 06, 08, 10, 17, 51, 52, 79, 80, 83, 90, 91, 92
Teachers 18, 19, 53, 84, 86, 87
Aides 97
Pupil Services 50, 54, 55, 59, 62, 63, 75, 85
Other 09,64,88, 98, 99
Position Code Position Name (Description)
05 District Administrator
06 Assistant District Administrator
08 Business Manager
09 Subject Coordinator
10 Director of Instruction/Program Supervisor
17 Reading Specialist
18 Department Head
19 Teacher in Charge
50 School Social Worker
51 Principal
52 Assistant Principal
53 Teacher
54 Guidance Counselor
55 School Psychologist
59 School Physical Therapy
62 Educational Interpreter
63 School Occupational Therapy
64 Program Coordinator
75 School Nurse
79 Director of Human Relations/Multicultural Education/Equity
80 Director of Special Education and/or Pupil Services
83 Assistant Director of Special Education
84 Speech/Language Pathologist
85 School Audiologist
86 Librarian
87 Library Media Specialist
88 Instructional Technology Integrator
90 Central Office Administrator
91 Library Media Supervisor
92 District Instructional Technology Coordinator
97 Program Aide
98 Other Support Staff
99 Other Professional Staff in a Non-educational role
Administrative Staff
Assistant Principal
School Secretary
Middle School Science (5-8) Teacher
Infant/Toddler Teacher
After School Teacher
Toddler Teacher
School Counselor
Social Worker
School transportation workers
School Bus Drivers
State department of school education.
State Superintendent
Executive Director
Secretary to the Director
Secretary of State Literacy Office
Curriculum Development Specialist
Zonal Education officer

State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management
State Offices and Agencies of Emergency Management
All Hazards Planner
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief of Staff
Communications Dispatcher
Communications Dispatcher Supervisor
Deputy Director
Disaster Recovery Coordinator
Executive Assistant
Facilities and Technical Services Unit Manager
General Counsel
Human Resources Director
Local Coordinator
Mitigation & Disaster Recovery Section Chief
Planning, Nuclear and Preparedness Section Chief
Preparedness Coordinator
Recovery Unit Supervisor
State Hazard Mitigation Planner
Training and Exercise Coordinator

State department of textiles.
Textile Mill Workers
Textile Engineer
Carpenters and blacksmiths
Coachmen, grooms and van driver
Drawers and doublers
Female assistant overseers
Gauze examiners
Mechanics and engine drivers
Mill machinery attendants and loom cleaners
Mill Manager
Overseers and clerks
Power loom machinery attendants and steamers
Spindle cleaners, bobbin stampers and packers, messengers, sweepers Twisters
List of occupations requiring sewing skills.
Parachute rigger
Clothing (Tailor)

State department of telecommunications.
Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer
Telecommunications Engineer
Telecom equipment engineer
Network engineer
Central-office engineer
Outside-plant engineer (field engineers)
Telecommunications Installation and Repair Workers
Premises Technician
Telecommunications Technician
Telephone Exchange Operator
Customer Support Specialist
Customer Services Technician
Internet technical support desk
apprentice, communication electrician - network craftapprentice communication electrician - switchingapprentice electrician - telecommunications equipmentapprentice telephone switchman/womanbranch exchange repairer - telecommunicationsbusiness telephone equipment installer and repairerbusiness telephone equipment maintainercable station tester - telecommunicationscellular phone installercellular telephone installercellular telephone techniciancentral-office equipment inspector - telecommunicationscentral-office equipment installer - telecommunicationscentral-office equipment maintainer - telecommunicationscentral-office equipment repairer - telecommunicationscentral-office frame servicer - telecommunicationscentral office repairer - telecommunicationscentral office techniciancentral office technician - telecommunicationscentral office tester - telecommunicationscharging equipment attendant - telecommunicationscombination man/woman - telecommunicationscommunication electrician - network craftcommunications electrician - telecommunicationscommunications technician - militarycommunication systems technician - militarycommunication technician, telephonecomplaint service technician - telecommunicationsdistrictman/woman - telecommunicationselectrician, switched communicationselectrician, telecommunications equipmentelectrician, telephone communicationselectrician, toll communicationselectronic communications technicianequipment installer and repairer - telecommunicationsexchange installer and repairer - telecommunicationsexchange testerexchange tester - telecommunicationsfacilities man/woman - telecommunicationsfacilities wirer - telecommunicationsfacsimile equipment installerframeman/woman - telecommunicationsframe wirer - telephoneinspector, private branch exchange (PBX) - telecommunicationsinstallation and repair technician - telecommunicationsinstaller, satellite receiversinstaller, switch networkinstaller - telecommunicationsinstaller, teleprintersinstaller, teletypewriters (TTY)installer, teletypewriter (TTY) - telecommunicationsinstaller, TTY (teletypewriter) - telecommunicationsline and station installer, telephonemobile radio installermobile radio installer - telecommunicationsmobile radio technician - telecommunicationsmobile radiotelephone installeroperator, test desk - telecommunicationsPBX (private branch exchange) and PABX (private automatic branch exchange) inspector - telecommunicationsPBX (private branch exchange) and PABX (private automatic branch exchange) installer and repairer - telecommunicationsPBX (private branch exchange) and PABX (private automatic branch exchange) installer - telecommunicationsPBX (private branch exchange) and PABX (private automatic branch exchange) repairer - telecommunicationsPBX (private branch exchange) inspector - telecommunicationsPBX (private branch exchange) repairer - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) and private automatic branch exchange (PABX) inspector - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) and private automatic branch exchange (PABX) installer and repairer - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) and private automatic branch exchange (PABX) installer - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) and private automatic branch exchange (PABX) repairer - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) inspector - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) installerprivate branch exchange (PBX) installer - telecommunicationsprivate branch exchange (PBX) repairer - telecommunicationsracker - telecommunicationsradiotelephone installer and repairerregulator and tester - telecommunicationsrelay adjuster - telecommunicationsrelay tester - telecommunicationsrepairer, switch networkrepairer - telecommunicationsrepairer, teleprintersrepairer, teletypewriters (TTY)repeater installer - telecommunicationsrepeater tester and adjuster - telecommunicationsrural telephone maintainersatellite receiver installersatellite receiving equipment installerservice centre technician - telecommunicationsservice inspector - telecommunicationsshop repairer - telecommunicationsspecial services technician - telecommunicationsswitched communication electricianswitched network repairerswitched networks installerswitchman/woman - telecommunicationsswitch network installer and repairerswitch network installer and repairer - telecommunicationstechnician, telecommunicationstechnician, telephone communicationstechnician, terminal equipment - militarytelecommunication equipment tester and regulatortelecommunication line testertelecommunications equipment electriciantelecommunications equipment inspectortelecommunications equipment installertelecommunications equipment techniciantelecommunications service testertelecommunications techniciantelephone and teleprinter installer-repairertelephone central office distribution frame maintainertelephone central office repairer - telecommunicationstelephone communication electriciantelephone equipment installer and repairertelephone equipment testertelephone exchange distribution frame maintainertelephone exchange repairer - telecommunicationstelephone exchange testertelephone facilities evaluatortelephone installertelephone-line and telephone station installertelephone relay testertelephone repairertelephone servicertelephone shop repairertelephone station installertelephone station repairertelephone switchboard installer and repairertelephone switchman/womantelephone system relay adjustertelephone techniciantelephone technician - telecommunicationstelephone testertelephone toll central office testertelephone traffic inspectorteleprinter installerteleprinter installer - telecommunicationsteleprinter repairerteletype and cipher technician - militaryteletype installer - telecommunicationsteletype repairer - telecommunicationsteletypewriter (TTY) installerteletypewriter (TTY) installer - telecommunicationsteletypewriter (TTY) repairerterminal and repeater testerterminal and repeater tester - telecommunicationsterminal equipment technician - militarytest desk operator - telecommunicationstester and regulator, telecommunications equipmenttester, telecommunication linestester, telephone exchangetester, telephone relaystester, terminal and repeatertester, toll telephone central officetester, transmission - telecommunicationstoll communication electriciantoll equipment man/woman - telecommunicationstoll switchman/woman - telecommunicationstoll telephone exchange testertoll tester, telephone exchangetransmission tester - telecommunicationsTTY (teletypewriter) installerTTY (teletypewriter) installer - telecommunicationsTTY (teletypewriter) repairerwireman/woman - telecommunicationswirer, frame - telephone

State department of transportation.
Heavy truck driver
Tractor Trailer Driver
Passenger Bus Driver
Train driver
Train Conductor
Car Driver
School Bus Driver
Transportation Security Administration Transportation Workers.

State department of water.
Hydraulic Engineer
Mechanical engineers
Chemical engineers
Plumber and fitter
Plumbers/Pipe Layers
Administrative Positions
Aditional Secretary
Assistant Director (Plg)
Commissioner Secretary
Dy. Secretary ( HRM Cell)
Joint Director (Plg)
Under Secretary (G)
Under Secretary (NG)

Weather and Climate.
Weather and Climate
Meteorologist (Weather Forecaster)

Highly Skilled Professions
Highly Skilled Professions
Associate professionals Occupation
Semi-Skilled Work
Skilled Occupations List (SOL)
Unskilled Work
Nonessential professions
List of Training Methods
Highly Skilled Professions
What are highly skilled professions?

  1. Author of book or books in the English language

  2. Controller of Rationing with State

  3. Curriculum development specialist
  4. English teacher

  5. English language editor

  6. English professor

  7. English Lexicographer

  8. Engineer

  9. Governor

  10. Human Services Case Manager

  11. Human Resources Specialists

  12. Lawyer

  13. Medical doctor

  14. Pilot

  15. Resident Services Case Manager

  16. State Profiler

  17. State economy and budget analyst

  18. State human resources analyst

Unskilled Work
Here are some examples of unskilled jobs:
Cleaner or janitor
Construction laborer
Construction Laborers and Helpers
Fast food worker
Information desk clerk
Line operator
Parking lot attendant
Sewing machine operator (semi-automatic)
Vegetable harvester/picker (and some other types of farm workers).
Semi-Skilled Work
Semi-skilled work requires paying attention to detail or protecting against risks but it doesn’t include complex job duties. Semi-skilled work doesn't require you to have advanced training or education and typically takes between three and six months to fully learn a semi-skilled job.

Some semi-skilled jobs require monitoring, quality checking, or doing repetitive tasks. Here are some examples of semi-skilled jobs:
Fast food cook
File clerk, and
Flight attendant
Furniture mover
Laundry operator
Nurse's assistant
Security guard
Telephone solicitor
Skilled Occupations List (SOL)
Skilled Work
Skilled work requires workers to use their judgment to make decisions and may require them to measure, calculate, read, or estimate. Skilled work often has specific qualifications such as educational degrees or professional training and usually requires intellectual reasoning and problem-solving skills.
Accountant General Inventory
Associate Inventory Accountant
Accountant – External Auditor
Accountant – Internal Auditor
Advertising Specialist
Aeronautical Engineer
Agricultural Adviser
Agricultural Consultant
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Scientist
Air Traffic Controller
Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
Analyst Programmer
Anatomist or Physiologist
Art Director (Film, Television or Stage/Non Fiction)
Automotive Electrician
Biomedical Engineer
Boat Builder and Repairer
Book Editor
Building Surveyor
Business and Information Professionals (nec)
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Careers Counsellor
Carpenter and Joiner
Chemical Engineer
Child Care Centre Manager
Civil Engineer
Civil Engineering Draftsperson
Civil Engineering Technician
Clinical Haematologist
Clinical Psychologist
Community Worker
Computer Network and Systems Engineer
Computing Professionals
Computing Professionals – Applications and Analyst Programmer
Computing Professionals – Computer Systems Auditor
Computing Professionals – Software Designer
Computing Professionals – Systems Designer
Computing Professionals – Systems Manager
Computing Professionals – Systems Programmer
Construction Project Manager
Dance Teacher
Dancer or Choreographer
Dental Hygienist
Dental Prosthetist
Dental Specialist
Dental Specialist
Dental Technician
Dental Therapist
Developer Programmer
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
Diesel Motor Mechanic
Director (Film, Television, Radio or Stage)
Director of Photography
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
Early Childhood (Pre-Primary School) Teacher
Educational Psychologist
Electorate Officer
Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineering Draftsperson
Electrical Engineering Technician
Electrical Linesworker
Electrician (General)
Electrician (Special Class)
Electronic Equipment Worker
Electronic Instrument Worker (General)
Electronic Instrument Worker (Special Class)
Electronics Engineer
Emergency Medicine Specialist
Engineer – Aeronautical Engineer
Engineer – Agricultural Engineer
Engineer – Biomedical Engineer
Engineer – Building and Engineering Professionals
Engineer – Chemical Engineer
Engineer – Civil Engineer
Engineer – Civil Engineering Technologist
Engineer – Electrical Engineer
Engineer – Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technologist
Engineer – Electronics Engineer
Engineer – Engineering Technologists
Engineer – Industrial Engineer
Engineer – Materials Engineer
Engineer – Mechanical Engineer
Engineer – Mechanical Engineering Technologist
Engineer – Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)
Engineer – Naval Architect
Engineer – Petroleum Engineer
Engineer – Production or Plant Engineer
Engineering Manager
Engineering Technologist
Environmental and Agricultural Science Professionals
Environmental Engineer
Environmental Health Officer
Environmental Research Scientist
External Auditor
Extractive Metallurgist
Family Counsellor
Fashion Designer
Fibrous Plasterer
Film and Video Editor
Fitter (General)
Fitter and Turner
Flight Engineer
Flight Service Officer
Flying Instructor
General Practitioner
Geotechnical Engineer
Graphic Designer
Health Information Manager
Industrial Designer
Industrial Relations Officer
Instrumental Musician
Intelligence Officer
Intensive Care Specialist
Interior Designer
Internal Auditor
Inventory Accountant in the state.
Journalists and Related Professionals
Land Economist
Landscape Architect
Landscape Architect
Legal Practitioner – Barrister
Legal Practitioner – Solicitor
Legal Professionals
Life Scientists
Lift Mechanic
Management Accountant
Management Consultant
Marine Biologist
Master Fisher
Materials Engineer
Materials Scientist
Mechanical Engineer
Medical Administrator
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
Medical Laboratory
Medical Oncologist
Medical Practitioner – Anaesthetist
Medical Practitioner – Dermatologist
Medical Practitioner – Emergency Medicine Specialist
Medical Practitioner – General Medical Practitioner
Medical Practitioner – Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
Medical Practitioner – Ophthalmologist
Medical Practitioner – Paediatrician
Medical Practitioner – Pathologist Medical Practitioner – Psychiatrist Medical Practitioner – Radiologist Medical Practitioner – Specialist Medical Practitioners (nec) Medical Practitioner – Specialist Physician Medical Practitioner – Surgeon Medical Practitioners Medical Radiation Therapist Medical Scientist Medical Scientist (Medical Physicist) Metal Fabricator Metal Machinist (First Class) Metallurgist Meteorologist Midwife Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum) Ministers of Religion Motor Mechanic (General) Motorcycle Mechanic Museum or Gallery Curator Music Director Music Teacher (Private) Natural and Physical Science Professionals (nec) Naturopath Naval Architect Neurologist Neurosurgeon Nuclear Medicine Technologist Nurse – Nurse Educator Nurse – Nurse Manager Nurse – Nurse Researcher Nurse – Registered Developmental Disability Nurse Nurse – Registered Mental Health Nurse Nurse – Registered Midwife Nurse – Registered Nurse Nurse Practitioner Nursing Clinical Director Office clerk
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Occupational Health and Safety Adviser Occupational Health and Safety Officer Occupational Therapist Oenologist Ophthalmologist Optometrist Optometrist Organisation and Methods Analyst Organisational Psychologist Orthopaedic Surgeon Orthoptist Orthotist Osteopath Other Spatial Scientist Otorhinolaryngologist Paediatric Surgeon Paediatrician Painter (Visual Arts) Painting worker Park Ranger Patents Examiner Pathologist Personnel Consultant Personnel Officer Petroleum Engineer Pharmacist – Hospital Pharmacist Pharmacist – Industrial Pharmacist Pharmacist – Retail Pharmacist Photographer Physical Metallurgist Physicist Physicist (Medical Physicist only) Physiotherapist Physiotherapist Pilot – Aircraft Pilot Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Plumber (General) Podiatrist Policy Analyst Potter or Ceramic Artist Pressure Welder Primary Health Organisation Manager Print Journalist Production Manager (Mining) Production or Plant Program Director (Radio or Television) Project Builder Psychiatrist Psychologist – Clinical Psychologist Psychologist – Educational Psychologist Psychologist – Organisational Psychologist Psychologist – Psychologists (nec) Psychologists Psychotherapist Public Relations Officer Quality Assurance Manager Quantity Surveyor Radiation Oncologist Radio Communications Technician Radio Journalist Radio Presenter Radiographer – Medical Diagnostic Radiographer Radiographer – Nuclear Medicine Technologist Radiographer – Radiation Therapist Radiographer – Sonographer Records Manager Recreation Officer Registered Nurse (Aged Care) Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health) Registered Nurse (Community Health) Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency) Registered Nurse (Developmental Disability) Registered Nurse (Disability and Rehabilitation) Registered Nurse (Medical Practice) Registered Nurse (Medical) Registered Nurse (Mental Health) Registered Nurse (Paediatrics) Registered Nurse (Perioperative) Registered Nurse (Surgical) Registered Nurses Rehabilitation Counsellor Renal Medicine Specialist Rheumatologist Roof plumber Script Editor Sculptor Seafarer – Ship's Engineer Seafarer – Ship's Master Seafarer – Ship's Officer Secondary School Teacher Secretary or administrative assistant
Sheetmetal Trades Worker Ship's Engineer Ship's Master Ship's Officer Shipwright Singer Small Engine Mechanic Social Professionals (nec) Social Worker Software Engineer Soil Scientist Solicitor Solid Plasterer Sonographer Special Education Teachers Special Needs Teacher Specialist Physician (General Medicine) Specialist Physicians Speech Pathologist Speech Pathologist Stage Manager Statistician Stonemason Structural Engineer Student Counsellor Surgeon (General) Surveyor Systems Analyst Tailor
Teacher – Education Officer Teacher – English as a Second Language Teacher Teacher – Extra-systemic Teachers (nec) Teacher – Pre-Primary School Teacher Teacher – Primary School Teacher Teacher – Secondary School Teacher Teacher – Special Education Teachers (nec) Teacher – Special Needs Teacher Teacher – Teacher of the Hearing Impaired Teacher – Vocational Education Teacher (Non-trades) Teacher – Vocational Education Teacher (Trades) Teacher of the Hearing Impaired Teacher of the Sight Impaired Teacher of the Sight Impaired Technical Cable Jointer Technical Director Technical Sales Representatives (nec) Technical Writer Telecommunications Engineer Telecommunications Field Engineer Telecommunications Network Engineer Telecommunications Network Planner Telecommunications Technical Officer or Technologist Television Journalist Television Presenter Thoracic Medicine Specialist Training Officer Translator University Lecturer University Tutor Urban and Regional Planner Urban and Regional Planner Urologist Valuer Valuer Vascular Surgeon Veterinarian Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals Wall and Floor Tiler Welder (First Class) Welfare Centre Manager Welfare Worker Zoologist

Associate professionals Occupation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker
Agricultural Technical Officer
Ambulance Officer
Architectural Associate
Biomedical Engineering Associate
Building Associate
Building Associate Professionals
Building Inspector
Chef – Head Chef
Chemistry Technical Officer
Civil Engineering Associate
Civil Engineering Technician
Computing Support Technician
Dental Hygienist
Dental Technician
Dental Therapist
Disabilities Services Officer
Earth Science Technical Officer
Electrical Engineering Associate
Electrical Engineering Technician
Electronic Engineering Associate
Electronic Engineering Technician
Engineering Associate Professionals (nec)
Family Support Worker
Gymnastics Coach
Hotel or Motel Manager(subject to transfer).
Hotel or Motel Manager(subject to transfer).
Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedic
Interior Decorator
Library Technician
Life Science Technical Officer
Massage Therapist Mechanical Engineering Associate Mechanical Engineering Technician Medical Laboratory Technical Officer Metallurgical and Materials Technician Mine Deputy
Museum or Art Gallery Technician
Office Manager
Other Sports Coach
Parole or Probation Officer
Plumbing Engineering Associate
Plumbing Inspector
Primary Products Inspector
Project or Program Administrator
Property Manager
Real Estate Agency Manager
Real Estate Salesperson
Residential Care Officer
Safety Inspector
Senior Non-Commissioned Defence Force Officer
Sports Development Officers
Stockbroking Dealer
Surveying and Cartographic Associate
Swimming Coach
Tennis Coach
Youth Worker

On-the-job training - (Examples: Ration dispenser, fashion model, farmhand, office clerk)
Apprenticeship - (Examples: carpenter, electrician, mason, mechanic, plumber, welder)
Vocational certification - (Examples: chef, cosmetologist, dental assistant, paralegal)
Associate Degree - (Examples: commercial artist, draftsman, nurse practitioner, licensed practical nurse)
Undergraduate Degree - (Examples: accountant, registered nurse, software developer)
Professional Degree - (Examples: engineer, teacher, lawyer, medical doctor)
Graduate Degree - (Examples: astronaut, mathematician, scientist, university professor)
Nonessential professions
What professions do not enhance essential ingredients of the economy?

Actors, Producers, and Directors (Fiction)
Bank branch manager
Bank teller
Billing clerk
Cost estimator
Financial analyst (economy and budget analyst recommended)
Financial examiner
Financial manager
Financial specialist
Occupancy Specialist
Purchasing agent
Purchasing manager
Salesman (ration dispenser recommended)
Sales manager
Sales and Related Occupations
Sales Person
Sales Engineer
Sales representative
Sales engineer
Tax adviser

Why are these types of activity not recommended for people?
Such activities do not enhance essential ingredients of people.

What are the essential ingredients of an economy?

What should people do who have been misled toward such activity?
Slowly learn skills and knowledge relevant to professions in essential ingredients of the economy displayed here: http://www.qureshiuniversity.com/professionsworld.html

What professions are recommended for people?

List of Training Methods
Many methods of training are available- each has certain advantages and disadvantages.

1. Technology-Based Learning

Common methods of learning via technology include:

•Basic PC-based programs
•Interactive multimedia - using a PC-based CD-ROM
•Interactive video - using a computer in conjunction with a VCR
•Web-based training programs
The forms of training with technology are almost unlimited. A trainer also gets more of the learner''s involvement than in any other environment and trainees have the benefit of learning at their own pace.

2. Simulators

Simulators are used to imitate real work experiences.

Most simulators are very expensive but for certain jobs, like learning to fly a 747, they are indispensable. Astronauts also train extensively using simulators to imitate the challenges and micro-gravity experienced on a space mission. The military also uses video games (similar to the "shoot-em-up" ones your 14-year old plays) to train soldiers.

3. On-The-Job Training

Jumping right into work from day one can sometimes be the most effective type of training.

Here are a few examples of on-the-job training:

•Read the manual - a rather boring, but thorough way of gaining knowledge of about a task. •A combination of observation, explanation and practice.
•Trainers go through the job description to explain duties and answer questions.
•Use the intranet so trainees can post questions concerning their jobs and experts within the company can answer them.

4. Coaching/Mentoring

Coaching/mentoring gives employees a chance to receive training one-on-one from an experienced professional. This usually takes place after another more formal process has taken place to expand on what trainees have already learned.

Here are three examples of coaching/mentoring:

•Hire professional coaches for managers (see our HR.com article on Understanding Executive Coaching) •Set up a formal mentoring program between senior and junior managers

•Implement less formal coaching/mentoring to encourage the more experienced employees to coach the less experienced.

Coaching/mentoring gives trainees the chance to ask questions and receive thorough and honest answers - something they might not receive in a classroom with a group of people.

5. Lectures

Lectures usually take place in a classroom-format.

It seems the only advantage to a lecture is the ability to get a huge amount of information to a lot of people in a short amount of time. It has been said to be the least effective of all training methods. In many cases, lectures contain no form of interaction from the trainer to the trainee and can be quite boring. Studies show that people only retain 20 percent of what they are taught in a lecture.

6. Group Discussions & Tutorials

These most likely take place in a classroom where a group of people discuss issues.

For example, if an unfamiliar program is to be implemented, a group discussion on the new program would allow employees to ask questions and provide ideas on how the program would work best.

A better form of training than lectures, it allows all trainees to discuss issues concerning the new program. It also enables every attendee to voice different ideas and bounce them off one another.

7. Role Playing

Role playing allows employees to act out issues that could occur in the workplace. Key skills often touched upon are negotiating and teamwork.

A role play could take place between two people simulating an issue that could arise in the workplace. This could occur with a group of people split into pairs, or whereby two people role play in front of the classroom.

Role playing can be effective in connecting theory and practice, but may not be popular with people who don´t feel comfortable performing in front of a group of people.

8. Management Games

Management games simulate real-life issues faced in the workplace. They attract all types of trainees including active, practical and reflective employees.

Some examples of management games could include:

•Computer simulations of business situations that managers ´play´.
•Board games that simulate a business situation.
•Games surrounding thought and creativity - to help managers find creative ways to solve problems in the workplace, or to implement innovative ideas.

9. Outdoor Training

A nice break from regular classroom or computer-based training, the usual purpose of outdoor training is to develop teamwork skills.

Some examples include:

•Wilderness or adventure training - participants live outdoors and engage in activities like whitewater rafting, sailing, and mountain climbing.
•Low-impact programming - equipment can include simple props or a permanently installed "low ropes" course.
•High-impact programming - Could include navigating a 40-foot "high ropes" course, rock climbing, or rappelling.
Outgoing and active participants may get the most out of this form of training. One risk trainers might encounter is distraction, or people who don´t like outdoor activities.

10. Films & Videos

Films and videos can be used on their own or in conjunction with other training methods.

To be truly effective, training films and videos should be geared towards a specific objective. Only if they are produced effectively, will they keep the trainees attention. They are also effective in stimulating discussion on specific issues after the film or video is finished.

Films and videos are good training tools, but have some of the same disadvantages as a lecture - i.e., no interaction from the trainees.

A few risks to think about - showing a film or video from an outside source may not touch on issues directly affecting a specific company. Trainees may find the information very interesting but irrelevant to their position in the company.

Some trainers like to show videos as a break from another training method, i.e. as a break from a lecture instead of a coffee break.

This is not a good idea for two reasons. One: after a long lecture, trainees will usually want a break from any training material, so a training film wouldn´t be too popular. Two: using films and videos solely for the purpose of a break could get expensive.

11. Case Studies

Case studies provide trainees with a chance to analyze and discuss real workplace issues. They develop analytical and problem-solving skills, and provide practical illustrations of principle or theory. They can also build a strong sense of teamwork as teams struggle together to make sense of a case.

All types of issues could be covered - i.e. how to handle a new product launch.

12. Planned Reading

Basically planned reading is pre-stage preparation to more formal methods of training. Some trainees need to grasp specific issues before heading into the classroom or the team-building session.

Planned reading will provide employees with a better idea of what the issues are, giving them a chance to think of any questions beforehand.


Many avenues exist to train employees. The key is to match the training method to the situation. Assess each training method implemented in the organization and get feedback from trainees to see if they learned anything. Then take the results from the most popular and most effective methods to design a specific training program.

What are examples of various states in various continents around the world?

North American States
  1. Alabama (AL)

  2. Alaska (AK)

  3. Arizona (AZ)

  4. Arkansas (AR)

  5. Alberta (AB)

  6. British Columbia (BC)

  7. California (CA)

  8. Colorado (CO)

  9. Connecticut (CT)

  10. Delaware (DE)

  11. Florida (FL)

  12. Georgia (GA)

  13. Hawaii (HI)

  14. Idaho (ID)

  15. Illinois (IL)

  16. Indiana (IN)

  17. Iowa (IA)

  18. Kansas (KS)

  19. Kentucky (KY)

  20. Louisiana (LA)

  21. Maine (ME)

  22. Maryland (MD)

  23. Massachusetts (MA)

  24. Michigan (MI)

  25. Minnesota (MN)

  26. Mississippi (MS)

  27. Missouri (MO)

  28. Montana (MT)

  29. Manitoba (MB)

  30. Mexico (MX)

  31. Nebraska (NE)

  32. Nevada (NV)

  33. New Hampshire (NH)

  34. New Jersey (NJ)

  35. New Mexico (NM)

  36. New York (NY)

  37. North Carolina (NC)

  38. North Dakota (ND)

  39. New Brunswick (NB)

  40. Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

  41. Northwest Territories (NT)

  42. Nova Scotia (NS)

  43. Nunavut (NU)

  44. Ohio (OH)

  45. Oklahoma (OK)

  46. Oregon (OR)

  47. Ontario (ON)

  48. Pennsylvania (PA)

  49. Prince Edward Island (PE)

  50. Quebec (QC)

  51. Rhode Island (RI)

  52. South Carolina (SC)

  53. South Dakota (SD)

  54. Saskatchewan (SK)

  55. Tennessee (TN)

  56. Texas (TX)

  57. Utah (UT)

  58. Vermont (VT)

  59. Virginia (VA)

  60. Washington (WA)

  61. West Virginia (WV)

  62. Wisconsin (WI)

  63. Wyoming (WY)

  64. Yukon (YT)
    Asian States

  65. Albania

  66. Andorra

  67. Armenia

  68. Austria

  69. Azerbaijan

  70. Arkhangelsk Oblast

  71. Anhui Province

  72. Afghanistan

  73. Assam

  74. Arunachal Pradesh

  75. Andhra Pradesh

  76. Andaman and Nicober Islands

  77. Bangladesh

  78. Bhutan

  79. Brunei

  80. Belarus

  81. Belgium

  82. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  83. Bulgaria

  84. Bihar

  85. Bahrain

  86. Chechnya

  87. Croatia

  88. Cyprus

  89. Czech Republic

  90. Cambodia

  91. Chukotka Autonomous Okrug

  92. Chhattisgarh

  93. Daman and Diu

  94. Dadra and Nagar Haveli

  95. Denmark

  96. England

  97. Estonia

  98. East Timor

  99. Finland

  100. Fujian Province

  101. France

  102. Gujarat

  103. Goa

  104. Georgia

  105. Germany

  106. Gibraltar

  107. Greece

  108. Gansu Province

  109. Guangdong Province

  110. Guangxi Province

  111. Guizhou

  112. Heilongjiang

  113. Hong Kong

  114. Hubei

  115. Hainan Province

  116. Henan Province

  117. Hunan Province

  118. Himachal Pradesh

  119. Hungary

  120. Inner Mongolia

  121. Indonesia

  122. Iran

  123. Iraq

  124. Iceland

  125. Ireland

  126. Italy

  127. Islamabad

  128. Japan

  129. Jeddah

  130. Jiangxi Province

  131. Jordan

  132. Jiangsu

  133. Jiangxi

  134. Jilin

  135. Jharkhand

  136. Kashmir

  137. Karnataka

  138. Kerala

  139. Kazakhstan

  140. Korea - North

  141. Korea - South

  142. Kyrgyzstan

  143. Kuwait

  144. Kaliningrad Oblast

  145. Lakshadweep

  146. Latvia

  147. Liechtenstein

  148. Lithuania

  149. Luxembourg

  150. Laos

  151. Lebanon

  152. Liaoning Province

  153. Liaoning

  154. Manipur

  155. Mizoram

  156. Maharashtra

  157. Madhya Pradesh

  158. Meghalaya

  159. Malaysia

  160. Maldives

  161. Magadan Oblast

  162. Mongolia

  163. Myanmar

  164. Macedonia

  165. Malta

  166. Medina

  167. Mecca

  168. Moldova

  169. Monaco

  170. Montenegro

  171. NCT of Delhi

  172. Nagaland

  173. Netherlands

  174. Northern Ireland

  175. Norway

  176. Ningxia

  177. Nepal

  178. Oman

  179. Orissa

  180. Puducherry

  181. Punjab

  182. Peshawar

  183. Philippines

  184. Poland

  185. Portugal

  186. Palestine

  187. Qinghai Province

  188. Qinghai

  189. Qatar

  190. Rajasthan

  191. Romania

  192. Sikkim

  193. Syria

  194. Singapore

  195. Sri Lanka

  196. Scotland

  197. Serbia

  198. Slovakia

  199. Slovenia

  200. Spain

  201. Sweden

  202. Switzerland

  203. Shaanxi Province

  204. Shandong

  205. Shanxi

  206. Sichuan

  207. Taiwan

  208. Tajikistan

  209. Thailand

  210. Tibet

  211. Tripura

  212. Tamil Nadu

  213. Turkey

  214. Turkmenistan

  215. Ukraine

  216. Uzbekistan

  217. Uttarakhand

  218. United Arab Emirates

  219. Uttar Pradesh

  220. Vietnam

  221. Vatican City

  222. Wales

  223. West Bengal

  224. Xinjiang

  225. Yunnan

  226. Yemen

  227. Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

  228. Zhejiang

  229. Algeria

  230. Angola

  231. Burundi

  232. Benin

  233. Burkina Faso

  234. Botswana

  235. Cape Verde

  236. Côte d'Ivoire

  237. Comoros

  238. Cameroon

  239. Central African Republic

  240. Chad

  241. Canary Islands

  242. Ceuta

  243. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  244. Djibouti

  245. Egypt

  246. Eritrea

  247. Ethiopia

  248. Equatorial Guinea

  249. Gabon

  250. Gambia

  251. Ghana

  252. Guinea

  253. Guinea-Bissau

  254. Kenya

  255. Liberia

  256. Lesotho

  257. Madagascar

  258. Malawi

  259. Mauritius

  260. Mayotte

  261. Mozambique

  262. Mali

  263. Mauritania

  264. Madeira

  265. Melilla

  266. Morocco

  267. Niger

  268. Nigeria

  269. Namibia

  270. Réunion

  271. Rwanda

  272. Republic of the Congo

  273. São Tomé and Príncipe

  274. Saint Helena

  275. Senegal

  276. Sierra Leone

  277. Seychelles

  278. Somalia

  279. South Africa

  280. Swaziland

  281. South Sudan

  282. Sudan

  283. Tanzania

  284. Togo

  285. Tunisia

  286. Uganda

  287. Western Sahara

  288. Zambia

  289. Zimbabwe

  290. Northern Territory

  291. South Australia

  292. Queensland

  293. New South Wales

  294. Victoria (Australia)

  295. Western Australian

  296. Tasmania

  297. New Zealand

  298. Acre (Asif Province)

  299. Alagoas

  300. Amapá

  301. Amazonas

  302. Bahia

  303. Buenos Aires Province

  304. Ceará

  305. Chubut Province

  306. Córdoba Province

  307. Goiás

  308. Bolivia

  309. Chile

  310. Colombia

  311. Ecuador

  312. Falkland Islands

  313. French Guiana

  314. Guyana

  315. Paraguay

  316. Peru

  317. Río Negro

  318. Santa Cruz

  319. Santa Fe Province

  320. Salta Province

  321. South Georgia

  322. Suriname

  323. Uruguay

  324. Venezuela
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