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Court Issues
What are various serious issues relevant to courts on or after May 30, 2022?
1. Replacement of all United States Supreme Court justices on or after June 5, 2022, for being incompetent and prejudiced
2. Replacement of members of various United States Senate committees after May 30, 2022
3. Retroactive relief to issues because of harms from courts.
4. UN reforms
5. Enhancing English grammar through the courts
6. Deliberations on a constitution for the planet
7. List of court administrators worldwide who need to be replaced on or after May 27, 2022s
8. Resources, grants, finances, appropriations, and income to enhance these public services from Dr. Asif Qureshi
9. Issues that come up from time to time

UN reforms
Nominate intelligent individuals to enhance these public services.

What must a reformed United Nations look like on or after June 5, 2022?
Who must be on the executive staff of the reformed United Nations on or after June 5, 2022?

Replacement of all United States Supreme Court justices on or after June 5, 2022, for being incompetent and prejudiced
Did the nominee answer all relevant questions displayed here?

What questions should new nominees to the United States Supreme Court answer on or after June 5, 2022, according to Dr. Asif Qureshi?

What is your answer?

Conflict of law

Have you managed any conflicts of law before?
What was the situation in which you managed the conflict of law?
What was the purpose the 13 colonies evolving into the 50 states of the United States?
What do you know about the Illinois compiled statutes?
What do you know about international law?

Economy and Budget

What is the essential commodities act?
What is the essential services maintenance act?
What are basic human rights?
After the mentioned questions, appropriations, and finance deliberations, what did you ultimately understand?

Criminal law

What are various criminal offenses?
What are various sex crimes?
What are examples of the classification of criminal offenses?
How many criminal offenses are there?

Family law

What is fidelity?
What are conjugal rights?

Constitutional law

What is the difference between state government and central government?
What are the responsibilities of admirals?
What are the responsibilities of departments in the state?

What did you understand from complaint at http://www.nazianazirqazi.org/ facts?

There are many more issues.

Premature retirement.
Suspension from job.
Termination from services.
Further proceedings depending on the unfolding of harms.
Judge Daniel J. Lynch for Circuit Court of Cook County Retirement in August 2021.

Timothy C. Evans, Circuit Judge
Chief Judge

Issues that come up from time to time
Who received these facts?
Supreme Court of the United States

When did they receive these facts?
June 29, 2022

What did they receive?

At 3:30 PM on June 29, 2022, I was updated on these facts.

Where are my thoughts relevant to these issues displayed?

Questions that need to be answered.

Where do you find the latest updates about abortion in Illinois and the United States?
Have they managed this legislation properly in the past?
What is your stance on abortion at this point?
Are they currently managing this legislation properly?
Who must monitor this legislation in the state and from the central government or federal government?
Who is responsible for elaborating on this issue in a question-and-answer format?
What does the law currently say about this issue?
What needs to be modified?
Legislators cannot author a question-and-answer presentation, a list of research questions, or an essay relevant to a topic: Is this justified?
Where must the relevant issues be updated through the internet?
When do we expect significant progress relevant to these issues?
Which is the best entity to manage these issues?
Whom do we nominate to fix these issues?
Who is responsible for fixing these issues at this point?
What professionals are responsible for fixing these issues?
What department is responsible for fixing these issues?
Who has the answer?
Who is willing to answer?
Who has the duty and responsibility to answer?

Court Issues on or after July 5, 2022.
How do you know incompetent justices have been placed on the Supreme Court?
Ask them to answer the displayed questions publicly. If they are not able to answer these questions publicly, then incompetent justices have been placed on the Supreme Court. On or before July 4, 2022, they were not able to answer these questions publicly. All of the Supreme Court justices should be replaced on or after July 4, 2022. On or after July 4, 2022, all members of Parliament or the equivalent who have been involved in felonies should be replaced and subjected to further punishments.

What else must others know?
Irreparable harms have occurred. Some cheats are trying to cover up and hide the irreparable harms under the silly excuse of sub judice. This is not justified. Court administrators and others associated with harms have to be terminated from services. Further proceedings have occurred while harms unfold. All must know that the internet has changed the way administrative procedures work.

What about court rules relevant to notice by publication via the internet?
All courts must be updated about these facts. Court rules have to be updated relevant to existing internet publications on or after July 5, 2022.

What have investigations revealed?
A number of so called fraudulently placed members of Parliaments or the equivalent have been involved in felonies, which justifies their termination from services with further punishments on or after July 5, 2022.

What must be circulated to all supreme courts?
No supreme court justices or administrators can make any decisions relevant to a public issue without consulting various concerned states and individuals concerned or those who filed a complaint, as circulated by Dr. Asif Qureshi. This is applicable to both higher and lower courts. On June 24, 2022, utter confusion was created when the Supreme Court of the United States circulated a unilateral, whimsical, without any debate, without any research presentation required in a question-and-answer format directive relevant to abortion that needs to be reversed. On or after July 5, 2022, a detailed research presentation relevant to abortion is required in a question-and-answer format, as available at www.qureshiuniversity.com/abortion.html. Circulate this to all.

Who must be nominated to be a justice and/or administrator of supreme courts on or after July 5, 2022?
Get answers to these questions.
Has the person conducted research on public issues and presented the findings in a question-and-answer format in English or translated into English via the internet?
Can the person answer the questions displayed here?
Is the person public service oriented?
Is the person a problem solver relevant to this executive job?
What is the profile of the person?
Where is the profile of the person?

Last Updated: July 8, 2022