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Work and Pensions Secretary

Who received these facts?
Illinois Department of Human Services

When did they receive these facts?
July 6, 2022

What did they receive?

Dear Sir or Madam:

So many times I feel those assigned to address the issues do not understand the issues I have submitted to them.

Take a look at the enclosed document.
On July 6, 2022, this application was submitted with updated facts about the issues.

How can you assist me at this point?
You have to communicate with the state government departments in Illinois and central government departments.
They have to provide me with a job as program director or executive administrator or the equivalent. They have to provide me with a job relevant to my abilities, experience, and research. They have to provide me with retroactive credits for 22 years of research with displayed evidence of facts that will count in my retirement. If human resource executives in the state government and central government do not have problem-solving skills relevant to these issues, why should my rights be violated? My abilities, experience, and research are displayed below.

Updating the cover letter, updating the resume, and submitting the application do not help. I have tried this method with the assistance of 2 employment specialists. I am a physician, researcher, educator, and executive administrator.

What can I do well at the executive level? What work do I enjoy doing well at the executive level?
See the facts.

What do you have to do?
Executive job title for me as a program director or executive administrator or the equivalent relevant to my abilities, experience, and research (see the guidelines from Dr. Asif Qureshi)
Retroactive credits that will count in my retirement
Retroactive relief
Plan of action for the future

So many times I feel those assigned to address the issues do not understand the issues I have submitted to them.

See the guidelines from Dr. Asif Qureshi. This has taken 22 years of research in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

I was placed on the Ticket to Work program. I was placed on the Ticket to Work program through Social Security in Chicago. I was then transferred to the Illinois Department of Human Services. My assignment was to utilize my soft skills and hard skills. I have done my part. They have to do their part. The executives of your department have to do their part in finding a job for me as a program director or the equivalent.

I have authored at least half a million research questions. I have authored at least half a million research questions during the past 22 years in Chicago, Illinois, United States. I am a problem solver. I am a problem solver at the executive level. I like problem solving. I enjoy problem solving. You must have the skills to solve problems. Problem solving is required for life skills, social skills, and job skills at the executive level. I was researching. I enjoy research. I like to research.

At this point I am spending 56 hours per week doing research.
This must get remuneration and salary.

Here are further guidelines:
If you currently have any problems at the executive level of the department, let me know.
I am a problem solver. I was researching. I was conducting research relevant to various government departments. Forward this document to executives in your department.

What types of guidelines has Dr. Asif Qureshi established for residents and professionals?
1. Abilities/Skills: Guidelines for 650 human abilities.
2. Departments: Guidelines for 132 essential departments inside and outside the state.
3. Occupations: Guidelines for 1000 occupations, including teachers, lawyers, engineers, and physicians.
4. Products: Guidelines for 130 products, including computers, road vehicles, and aircraft.
5. States: Guidelines for 330 states in the world.
6. Subjects: Guidelines for 150 subjects, including English, math, science, social studies, and forensic medicine.
7. Programs: Public service programs.
8. Administrators: I can guide administrators like governors.
9. Case managers: I can guide case managers at various locations.
10. Engineers: I can guide 22 types of engineers.
11. Farmers: I can guide 4 specific types of farmers.
12. Governors: I can guide various governors of the state.
13. Journalist: I can guide English language journalists.
14. Lawyers: I can guide 33 specific types of lawyers.
15. Government executives: I can guide legislative services of the government at the executive level.
16. Military officers: Here are further guidelines.
17. Physicians: I can guide 69 specific types of physicians.
18. Police officers: I can guide various law enforcement officers.
19. Staff relevant to aviation: Here are further guidelines.
20. Teachers: I can guide 4 specific types of teachers.
21. Many more

Licensing entities for various professions in Illinois, particularly for specific physicians
What needs to be accomplished?
Placement of a new executive who has problem-solving skills relevant to the job.

April 24, 2022
Public Safety
Public safety: What need to be accomplished?
Illinois state police investigators must be placed in all police stations throughout Illinois, including police stations in Chicago. All other states must have similar investigators for every police station. A regional head of the Chicago police has to be nominated and confirmed by Illinois State Police for Chicago police stations. Everyday updates through the internet must be a requirement of the executive position to identify public safety issues and prevent public safety harms. At the end, this question must be answered relevant to every incident: How could this have been prevented?

University of Illinois at Chicago

Questions that need to be answered:

What needs to be enhanced relevant to this entity?
The mentioned entity has not displayed the required questions and answers relevant to the entity and specific professions (e.g., specific physicians, specific lawyers, specific engineers, specific teachers, similar other professions) via the internet.

How have others been able to display the required questions and answers relevant to the entity?
Take a look at this: www.qureshiuniversity.com/physicians.html
Retroactive reimbursement and, remuneration for these public services are required.

American Board of Medical Specialties

American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS): What are the issues?
1. Disciplinary proceedings against members of ABMS for being prejudiced, being incompetent, and engaging in harmful incidents of gross misconduct.
2. Nomination of new members to American Board of Medical Specialties who can answer the mentioned questions via the internet.
3. Retroactive relief, credits, and reimbursement for guiding various physicians, as Dr. Asif Qureshi has done at https://www.qureshiuniversity.com/physicians.html, who have been harmed by prejudice, incompetence, monopolies, criminal lobbies, racial harms, discrimination, and deficiency of services from ABMS.
4. Conference issues relevant to ABMS.
5. List of staff relevant to ABMS on or after May 30, 2022.
6. Publication issues and problem-solving relevant to ABMS: Who is responsible for these?
7. Questions that need to be answered from time to time.
8. How should the medical board enlist medical specialties https://www.qureshiuniversity.com/physicians.html?
9. Issues that come up from time to time.
Here are further guidelines.

How do you make sure the earned income reaches Dr. Asif Qureshi for these professional services?
Who has the answer?
Who is willing to answer?
Who has the duty and responsibility to answer?

My address: Dr. Asif Qureshi, 5042 North Winthrop Avenue Unit 237, Chicago, Illinois 60640
Email: admin@qureshiuniversity.com